Easy-To-Make Sizing Adjustments

sizing adjustments for Nana's reversible overalls

Sizing Adjustments are easy to make!

Get up to 10 inches of growth in Nana’s reversible overalls!

sizing adjustments for Nana's reversible overalls

Instructions for Sizing Adjustments

1. Unsnap the straps from the loops on back of the overalls. (The back is where you see the Nana’s Creations label.)

2. Take the loops and fold them over each other. (It’s like criss-crossing the straps, except you are criss-crossing the loops. This will create a pleat in the back of the overalls. (Figure A.)

3. Hook the straps through the loops and re-snap to the length comfortable for your child. (Figure B.)

Congratulations! You’ve just added an extra 10″ of growing room to your new overalls!





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