Product Features

Nana’s reversible overalls offer product features you won’t find on on similar products, regardless of price. Compare Nana’s reversible overalls to even top national brand products, and you’ll agree. Nothing else comes close to providing the comfort, durability, quality, or unique nature of Nana’s reversible overalls!

1. Adjustable elastic straps –
Can be criss-crossed or extended for a closer fit. (Make it easy for older kids to make a quick potty break.)

2. Patented design –
Nana’s overalls are so unique, they even have their own copyright!

3. Fun, reversible fabrics –
It’s like getting two pair of overalls for the price of one!

4. Pre-washed, 100% care-free cotton –
You’ll never have to worry about shrinking, and the top quality quilting cotton fabric lasts and lasts!

5. Stay-Put Cuffs –
Cuffs are designed to be rolled up to show off the reversible fabric. Ideal for kids with longer legs; allows for 8-10 inches of extra growth, too!

Handmade reversible overalls by Nana's Creations, Portland Oregon

6. Adjustable Straps –
Allow for up to 10″ inches of growth. You kid may never outgrow them!

7. American-made Stainless Steel Snaps –
Won’t melt, snap or fall off.

8. Durable, heirloom quality construction –
Nana’s reversible overalls, shortalls and jumpers are made to outlast your kid’s childhood!

9. Generous cut –
Nana’s overalls are designed to promote comfort. And even the smaller sizes allow plenty of room for cloth diapers!

10. Stainless Steel, Brass coated snaps  –
Sizes 6-18 months and 12-30 months feature all metal snaps along the leg, making them ideal for fast diaper changes.

11. Extra-wide cuffs –
Nana’s overalls will go right on over your child’s shoes. How’s that for a quick change!